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QuickBooks is used by individuals and businesses all over the globe for managing their finances and accounting tasks. QuickBooks automatically updates its database and keeps track of thousands of users connected with an enterprise. The daily accounting tasks that need to be performed manually are taken care of by the QuickBooks software. With the help of QuickBooks, you can manage all your assets in one place and use your business for the best.

With such a diverse base of customers, there are a number of issues that are encountered everyday by its users. From the time of set-up and installation to the later stages of using the software, customers need help at every step. These situations call for the need of an expert support team which has solutions for a range of problems.

The support staffs working under this cell are friendly and connect to the problems of the user in a quick span of time. The professionals understand the user’s needs and guide them step by step through their problems.

QuickBooks support unit is busy round the clock because of the large number of customers seeking its help. The solutions provided by the support team are user friendly and easy to comprehend on the part of the customers. Customers use QuickBooks on different platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android thus the problems they encounter are specific for their operating systems. The technical experts take care of this fact and solutions are designed to pertain to specific operating systems in different manners.

The QuickBooks support phone number available on the QuickBooks site is very helpful in connecting the customers to the support cell. The customer just has to request for the contact number from the official site and then they can ask their queries directly from the customer support executives. QuickBooks support makes it sure that their customers are out of technical and accounting problems in the shortest span of time.Efficiency, quickness, reliability are some of the basic principles of the support team which works 24/7 to leave their customers satisfied.

Steps to fix QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505

Steps to fix QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505

QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505 – The QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505 is the most common error which mostly happens when you are trying to access company files which are located on another computer and you would be getting this error. Here we are going to discuss all these problems and their solutions in details. In case you need further help and information then you can contact QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505

QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505
QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505

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Reasons for the QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505 occurrence

If you open company file into multi-user mode and shows error:

QuickBooks Error H202

    • When you are trying to work with a company file that is placed on another computer and this replica of QuickBooks cannot reach the server on that PC.
  • This appears when QuickBooks software on your computer unable to communicate with the server data.

QuickBooks Error Codes H101, H303, H505

  • When you are attempting to work with company files that are located on another computer and that computer demand extra installation and setup process.

Why this Error occurs in your system:

The company Desktop is trying to make a connection to company files but unable to communicate with the server of the company. There are several issues which can be the reason behind the occurrence of this error:

    • Wrong or Incorrect hosting configuration settings.
    • If QB Firewall setting blocking to access company files or it’s blocking incoming and outgoing communication process.
    • A damaged or incorrect .ND files configuration that allows QB to access company files in network systems.
    • QuickBooks Database Server Manager is unable to use the IP address or different IP address of the host computer.
    • If the setting of DNS is incorrect.
  • QuickBooks services like QuickBooksDBXX/QBCF have not started.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505

In order to resolve the QuickBooks Error H202, H101, H303, H505 try to follow one of these given solutions:

Method 1 – Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:

First, you need to download and run the QuickBooks file doctor on the server. Which automatically clears up the H- series and multi-user errors. If you still see the QuickBooks Error H202 then you need to follow the next solution.

Method 2 – Verify Hosting and Services:

Verify the Hosting

    • Open QuickBooks on each hosting computer and go to File and then select Utility option.
  • Now see Host Multi-User Access on the list, this computer is not hosting the program. After that move to the next laptop or system. But keep in mind that doesn’t change anything on your workstation.
  • In case you see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access then select it and then in the Company, File Must Be Closed window, click Yes.

Verify the services

  • You need to make sure that QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitor Service are started.
      1. First, click on the Windows Start button.
      1. Now press the Windows key + R to bring up the run box.
    1. After that in run box type, MSC and press Enter key.
    • In the service window: scroll down and presence for QuickBooksDBXX service.
    • In case unable to see QuickBooksDBXX Service:
        • Using Database Server Manager, then confirm that Database Server Manager also installed on the server
      • If you run the entire program on the server, open QuickBooks, select and verify that hosting is enabled.
    • Double-click the QuickBooksDBXX service and confirm that the startup is type and the status of the service has started.
    • Click on Recovery
    • Open computer system menu selects restart, this will automatically restart the QuickBooksDB service if it fails. Do the same for Second failure.
    • Click to save the changes.
    • Replay the above all steps for QBCFMonitor Service
  • Now open QuickBooks in multi-user mode on each workstation.

Solution 3: Open network ports QuickBooks to communicate Configure the Firewall

Uninstall the AVG program to modify the windows defender that comes built into home Windows 8. For any questions, contact the AVG guide provider or if you really want to retain AVG software. Follow the steps given on each computer:

    • Make connection Windows Firewall Settings
    • On the left, right-click on Outbound Rules, and select New Rule
    • Select Ports and click Next.
    • Choose TCP and in the specific local ports box.
    • Click Next and select Allow the Connection.
    • Click Next to enter a name in the name field (for example, “QuickBooks ports”) and click Finish.
    • Repeat above steps for the Inbound Rules.
  • Open QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

Solution 4: Add your server to the Windows host file

Edit the Windows hosts file. In case you need help then contact  QuickBooks Customer service at +1-(888) 570-6939(US/CA) .

Solution 5: Create a new folder for your company file and share it by allowing access to share company files.

    • At the hosting computer, create a new folder, share it, and set windows to get entry to permissions to share company files.
    • Copy the .qbw file to the new folder.
  • Open your company files in multi-user mode.

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For further help Contact QuickBooks Support at +1-(888) 570-6939 (US/CA).

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Easy Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 557 – QuickBooks Support

Easy Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 557 – QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks Error 557 – Managing the business can be a daunting task – keeping a check on stock, managing payroll, and balances, demand, and supplies, profits and losses, you have to keep a record of every move and every penny. Doing it all manually is not impossible but is extremely difficult and tiresome. Apart from it being lengthy and painstaking, it is always in danger of being lost or of getting harmed by any unprecedented happening like fire, rain, getting lost, or even getting mixed up. Maintaining proper record is a legal requirement because your record could be asked for by anyone, at any time.

QuickBooks Error 557

QuickBooks Error 557

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What is QuickBooks Error 557 – QuickBooks Support:

Although QuickBooks is easy to use, sometimes there may occur some errors. There are different kinds of errors but they are not much difficult to remove, and with just a few steps, your commands can execute without any glitch. Some errors occur due to wrong syntax or problems in databases or accounts while some occur due to lack of space or low quota in the disk to run a command. Similarly, some errors are related to configuration, payroll and their updates, and error 557 is one of them.

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Why QuickBooks Error 557 occurs?

Paying your employees is one of the most important things in your business and QuickBooks helps you to pay through it easily. But as with every other software, QuickBooks also needs updates from time to time, to meet all the requirements of the users more efficiently. It requires configuration. Error 557 can appear due to wrong configuration settings and during updating payrolls. It may also occur if there is some ambiguity in Windows system. It could be because be wrong input, or deleting some essential files from the directory. This error will make your system crashes frequently and may result in malware.

Steps to fix QuickBooks Error 557 – QuickBooks Support:

To eradicate QB error 557, you need to run a malware scan in your system. Clean the temporary files and cache data – system junk. If you have made any changes in your Windows system recently, undo those changes. If by doing any of these your error, is still not being removed, and then reinstall QuickBooks. There is some software available which.

can help you detect faults in your system, malware, and faults, and they can also help you get rid of those. You can install any of such software to remove this error. QuickBooks has worldwide help center’s, too, to facilitate the users; you can contact them if you get this error for a long time despite everything. You can always feel free to call QuickBooks Support team in order to get the resolution.

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For More details contact QuickBooks Support at +1-(844) 893-0111 (US/CA).

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 523 – QuickBooks Support

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 523

Fix QuickBooks Error 523: In case you are facing this error then it’s possible that a new program or update has affected your computer causing conflict with Windows thus showing you the QuickBooks Error 523. Another possible cause is malware infection that can severely affect your PC, causing various types of errors to appear. The main problem with this error affects your network communication by blocking the necessary Windows services, therefore, it is necessary to correct this error.

QuickBooks Error 523

QuickBooks Error 523

3 Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 523 – QuickBooks Support:

Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong.

Method 1: Make sure Windows is Up to Date:

    • First of all, press Windows Key + I then select Update & Security.
    • Next, click Check for updates and make sure to install any pending updates.
    • Furthermore, press Windows Key + R then type services.MSC and hit enter.
    • Find Windows Update in the list and right-click then select Properties.
    • Make sure startup type is set to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start).
  • In conclusion, click Start and then click Apply followed by OK.

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Method 2: Run CCleaner and Malwarebytes:

Perform a Full antivirus scan to make sure your computer is secure. In addition to this run CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-malware.

    • First of all, download and install CCleaner & Malwarebytes.
    • Furthermore, run Malwarebytes and let it scan your system for harmful files.
    • If malware is found it will automatically remove them.
    • Now run in the CCleaner and “Cleaner” section under the Windows tab, we recommend checking to clear the following selections:
    • Once you make sure that the proper points are checked, just click Play Cleaner, and let CCleaner run your course.
    • Therefore, to clean your system further select the Registry tab and ensure the following are checked:
    • Furthermore, select Scan for Issue and allow CCleaner to scan, then click Fix Selected Issues.
    • When CCleaner asks “Do you want backup changes to the registry?” select Yes.
    • Therefore, once your backup has completed, select Fix All Selected Issues.
  • Furthermore, restart your PC and you may be able to Fix Application Error 523.

Method 3: For Blackberry:

    • First of all, upgrade to the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Software.
    • http://na.blackberry.com/eng/update/
  • Also, remove the recently installed applications on the BlackBerry device, then install the latest version of BlackBerry Device Software on the BlackBerry device.

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For More details contact QuickBooks Support at +1-888-570-6939 (US/CA).

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How to Troubleshooting QuickBooks Enterprise Software Problems?

QuickBooks enterprise version has become one of the most preferred accounting software among the medium and small scale enterprises to maintain the daily transaction and keeping the monthly records of inventories or employees payment system through a single application.

Nevertheless technical set backs attacking such software can become the reason for huge business losses. And such software can become victims of unexpected technical glitches due to human error, virus outbreak or software incompatibility etc. To avoid such stumbling blocks here below best tips have been discussed for troubleshooting popular issues affecting the functionality or performance of the QuickBooks enterprise.

QuickBooks Installation or Reinstallation is failed

If anyone trying to install QuickBooks Enterprises or Premier into your system,make sure system don’t have any old or previously installed setup. Removing the setup of QuickBooks Enterprise is important from the control panel. And from the C drive it can be removed and if there is any issues QuickBooks enterprises support is available online for quick help.

QuickBooks Enterprise running slow in multi-user mode

QuickBooks enterprise is meant for multiple users to get access of data base or make entries from different computers running on the same network.However, using QuickBooks in multi-user mode slowdowns its speed creates problem for all the users. To enhance the speed users can clean up the company data tool from the Utilities Folder, QuickBooks will be boosted with best speed and if there is any issue you can call QuickBooks support for online help.


How to recover admin password of QuickBooks Enterprise

Forgetting the admin password for accessing the QuickBooks Enterprises software could be very costly in terms of business transactions that could be delayed because of inaccessibility. However, there is QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool that will help you to recover the admin password and if there is any issue users can call to QuickBooks enterprises support.   

Can’t print the docs with new printer

If any user is not able to print the reports, invoice or billing info after connecting the new printer, then there is significant changes needs to be done before taking the printouts. Close the QuickBooks, search file “qbprint.qbp” and rename this with qbprint.qbp.old. Now restart the QuickBooks Enterprise software to take out prints, if there is any issue then call the technician.

Facing Problem while copying or moving QuickBooks data file

If you are trying to move or copy QuickBooks data file from your hard disk to any other external drive or removal storage device, but find that file is locked. Actually QuickBooks Directory Monitor or Server manager lacks such files from the safety point of view.

To unlock the data file, close the QuickBooks and open run windows and enter command “services.msc” to open QuickBooks services. Once you get access stop those two applications and now the data file of QuickBooks can be copied and pasted anywhere. For QuickBooks Premier Users can also face the same problem, they can also follow the same steps or can take QuickBooks premier support to fix the issue at professional levels.